Dr. Rex Crites is a recent graduate of National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois with his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine and is a licensed and board-certified primary care physician. Dr. Crites is also certified as a Professional Applied Kinesiologist and has over 400 hours in Applied Kinesiology coursework with focus on the basic 100 hour courses, Spine and Extremity courses taught by Dr. Timothy Francis, and the advanced Quintessential Applications taught by Dr. Walter Schmidt. 


As a lover of knowledge and having a real passion for helping people achieve optimal health and wellness through addressing patients from a holistic standpoint, Dr. Crites is consistently looking for ways to improve his knowledge base. Beyond his normal school load, he expanded his adjusting technique through attendance of several Gonstead Adjusting Seminars and is currently pursing a course series in Total Body Modification (TBM), Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), and a degree from the British Institute of Homeopathy.


Dr. Crites is concerned with finding the root cause of dysfunction and in turn, treating the body in its entirety: structurally, biochemically, and emotionally. Just as no two people are alike, no two treatments will be alike as Dr. Crites seeks to discover what specifically the body needs and then works to optimize the body to its full potential. 


Professional Memberships


-International College of Applied Kinesiology

-American Chiropractic Association


Family and Personal Interests


Dr. Crites is married to his best friend, Lynda, who is originally from Gig Harbor, Washington, and together they have a beautiful daughter Aeslyn and a new "Baby Crites" due in January 2015. Dr. Crites also has a handsome son, Jayden. Lynda is currently in pursuit of her Doctorate of Naturopathy at National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon with a special emphasis on OB/GYN and midwifery; she will be joining him in practice when she graduates. Together the Crites family loves to go snowboarding, hiking, biking, participate in Kung Fu and triathlons, and spend time together at the ocean. 


Dr. Rex Crites, D.C.

B. S.  Biomedical Science

Doctor of Chiropractic